November 2020
This month has been rather Gonk Central! Since I had the wireless charger on the top of the droid, I also wanted the ability to charge other devices. Afterall, not all devices that people have are wireless, there is also the possibility that I will have USB Powered Devices.

The one I found came from Amazon and it has x4 USB 3.0 slots on it which should be more than suitable for what I need. Since my 3D Printer is on and off in terms of working and since Fusion360 turned to a subscriber program, I am not doing much in the way of 3D designing. Once I find an alternative I will design a proper mount for the USB Hub. I may even add more.

The current holding is temporary.
You may have also noticed, there is no expanding foam inside the Gonk Droid anymore. I decided to get rid of it. It did not seem to be doing anything to assist the structure and every time the droid was moved the foam was simply coming away from the inside of the droid, eventually it would probably have just slid out. To avoid this next time I may give the inside more of a sand, perhaps coat it with something to assist in the grip of the foam.

Instead, my good friend DarrenP offered advice of using polystyrene as a form of ribbing. I took this advice, cut thick strips of poly styrene and then stuck them in certain places inside the body. So far this has worked nicely, not perfectly but nicely.