August 2020
This month I got something completed which I am very happy with. I wanted a wireless charger on the top of my Gonk Droid, I thought it was be very fun to have a form of real functionality such as being able to charge things. To do this I decided to invest in a wireless phone charger. There were different type but I worked out that the kind that sit flush with the surface is what I wanted.

I could have taken the top plate back off the droid and used the router however I wanted something more, I decided to get a hammer and chisel and then mark out what I needed to cut away. It was certainly time consuming and it was more of a case of taking a little part off, checking it, taking a little more off, checking it etc.

Making it flush was also important and there was a couple of time where it was just above the surface ever so slightly which bothered me a lot. The Wireless Charger is USB powered and I checked it worked with a power brick and I was happy to find it certainly did work!