A Little Bit About Me...

Well, I've been a Star Wars fan my entire life, I have always been in love with every possible concept that the movies have offered the fans... The amount of different things that have come from Star Wars are astonishing, it has given us revolutionary ways to create special effects in movies, the technology concepts have given us new challenges that many people are attempting to recreate such as ways to travel in light speed, light sabers, hover vehicles and many more! Even religion has developed from Star Wars with many different churches and religious orders being based around the movies focusing on their teachings. And the reason you are probably here, is the ROBOTS!! Everybody loves robots, the more classic R2-D2 and C-3PO and the newer addition, BB-8. So what made me want to build a droid? Well firstly because what is better than walking down the street or have people come round to your house and the first thing they see is a life-size droid that isn't made of cardboard and paper, has sounds and lights and simply looks awesome?! There also comes a great deal of learning and patience when building a droid. Feel free to check our Gallery to see images from events both with the R2 Builders and on my own!

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Wooden Frame

Wooden Frame

Shortcut to my log about my wooden frame.

3D Printed Dome

3D Printed Dome

Shortcut to my log about my 3D printed dome.


Shortcut to my log about R2's electronics.

Painting Legs

Painting The Legs

Shortcut to my log on painting the legs.