April 2019
Prepping The Tubs
A gonk droid is always an entertaining droid to make because there is not a "wrong" way to do it. I found two storage tubs in my local Aldi store. They are not the accurate style of tubs however they will do for this droid!

I have a number of ideas to put into this droid, at the moment they are all theoretical and I hope to have plenty of input from my son who will be helping me from time to time with this build.

We began by planning out what we wanted to put on the droid and where we wanted to put them. This would be from the design of the face plate to any greebles. We started by giving the tub shells a sand since they are a very flexible plastic as well as the fact glue doesn't seem to stick very well, not even Dichloromethane! I hope that giving it a sand might give the glue something to adhear to.

Expanding Foam Structure
My first thought was that I need to strengthen the plastic. I tried using expanding foam in the hopes that a little would go a long way. It worked to an extent. It did strengthen the plastic tubs however the foam was struggling to stick. I did remember to give the insides a sand before I sprayed them however this didn't seem very useful.

Once we discovered expanding foam alone was not going to be enough we decided to use up some styrene that I had left over from my R2. This was a good idea I though, I wasn't sure exactly how it was going to achieve this but I have a few ideas.